Nectar stick 2021

Nectar stick 2021

This year we have some exciting projects and products in the works! We can’t wait to share with everyone the exciting new things we have coming, but for now you’ll have to wait. We promise it will be worth it!

Although this past year has not been easy for us nor anyone; we wanted to reflect on the good that we were able to achieve throughout this wild year we called 2020.

  1. We started our line of Nectar stick CBD products!
  2. We started Nectar Stick Farms where we were able to grow over 200 acres of hemp.
  3. We launched our new websites for our vapes as well as our CBD site so that we are able to sell our products online!
  4. We have a new drying facility, filling 10,000 sq. ft with just our Hemp alone.
  5. We employed over 50 individuals throughout this year!

We have so many more exciting things we were able to achieve, but those are a few of our favorites! We hope 2021 is a year of growth and success for everyone! Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far! We are just getting started!

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