Nectar Stick Farms

Nectar Stick Farms

We have had the awesome opportunity to partner with Nectar Stick Farms for our New brand Nectar Stick CBD this year.

Nectar Stick farms grows a total of 180 acres of hemp, has just built an exceptional warehouse on site, as well as providing a 10000 Sq Ft hemp drying facility.

Nectar Stick Farms has just finished their harvest for this year, where they harvested our different strains of hemp, CBD, and CBG. These exceptional strains will be used for our CBD and whole hemp extract products, as well as an exciting new hemp product coming out for nectar stick very soon.


They an incredible team behind them who is there through the whole process. Starting with planting seeds all the way to trimming. Everyone works so hard to grow the highest quality of product for our customers.

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