The Stinger is a crowd favorite for many reasons.

The first being that it is a very reasonable price for the quality on the product. We wanted to create a Vaporizer that looked, felt, and handled as a high quality vaporizer but at a price most anybody can afford. Here at Nectar Stick we create all of our products with the highest quality components, so that every puff you take feels better than the last.

The second reason being the quality and durability of the vaporizer. We use Ceramic Coil & Ceramic Tip Cartridge Technology, High Tempered Medical Glass tank, and all Non Toxic Metal Components. The quality of a product is so important, which is why we take such great pride in ours.

The third reason the Nectar Stick Stinger is our top seller is due to the sleek gold honeycomb design. We created a unique design to represent our brand as well as give off a high quality, eye catching look. When you hold the Stinger you don’t only look good but you feel good knowing you scored such a high quality product for such a great price.

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