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What’s all this talk about CBD as a possible cure for Covid?

Before jumping on this latest "CBD fights Covid" released information wave, it would be wise to dig into this study conducted by a group of researchers at Oregon State University and the Oregon Health & Science University, who are making these claims. How were these tests conducted? Was it extensive clinical research on animals or humans? How did they come to this conclusion? These studies was conducted through previously constructed computer models by teams of researchers at Oregon State University and Oregon...


Delta 9-THC is known to be the most well known and loved cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Recently those who enjoy both CBD(hemp) and cannabis have enjoyed its sister compound called Delta 8-THC, which has been on the rise for a couple of years now. Delta-8 THC offers a completely legal psychoactive high, the first of its kind in cannabis research. Even more recently, researchers have discovered a new cannabinoid, similar to its sister cannabinoids, but with a lesser...


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