What Makes A “Premium Quality Pre-Roll?”

What Makes A “Premium Quality Pre-Roll?”

Pre-rolls are becoming widely popular among a vast array of different social categories. Unlike basic joints, pre-rolls offer convenience, and when done correctly can provide an unforgettable experience.

The basic elements to any joint must include ground up cannabis buds and rolling papers. Latest industry trends have been promoting the use of filters, also known as “crutches.” These crutches are typically made from rolled up card stock or a different filter material option. The crutch is positioned towards the end of the joint, similarly to how a filter would be on a typical cigarette, and is designed to prevent weed particles from entering the user’s mouth when inhaling. It can also prevent resin from getting on the user’s lips. You will find when rolling your own joints attempting to add a crutch can be quite difficult. Pre-rolls have the crutches pre-formed into the rolling paper cone, thus ensuring a perfectly snug fit. The material of choice for today’s crutches is hemp, 100% organic hemp at that.

What are the main benefits of pre-rolls?

  • The most obvious feature of pre-rolls is they come already rolled and ready to smoke.
  • Much less mess. No grinding up weed or getting sticky resin fingers.
  • The crutch is already pre-rolled into the rolling paper.
  • Pre-rolls typically provide commercial uniformity, so the user knows what to expect each time.
  • 10 out of 10 users we interviewed, claimed to experience a more even burn from pre-rolls in comparison to hand-rolled joints. This even burn not only lengthens the life of the joint, but also ensures smoother puffs.
  • Most importantly, pre-rolls provide the user with more time to focus on other things in life.

What are the most important variables to consider when rating the quality of a pre-roll?

  1. There are many types of rolling papers out there, but the most popular in the cannabis and smoke shop industry today is hemp.
  2. The type of adhesive gum used to make the joint stay closed. The most popular being used today is hemp based gum.
  3. The type of and position of the crutch. Again, like the paper and gum, the most sought after type of crutch today is composed of hemp card stock.
  4. Type and quality of bud that is ground up to make the joint. Strain type, indoor, greenhouse, hand trimmed, machine trimmed.
  5. How well each joint is packed and twisted. Each joint should contain around .75gram-1gram of cannabis.
  6. Box should be very nice, classy, eye-catching, reusable, and durable enough to sit on without smashing your joints.

How do you know the weed is good quality if it is already rolled and you cannot see it?

  • It is always wise to buy from a reliable name brand.
  • Most companies will provide high res photos of the buds that are in those exact joints.
  • All companies must provide up-to-date COA testing results.
  • Once you smoke it you will know the quality just by experience.
  • The bud should taste like and provide the side effects of the strain it is claiming to be.
  • Each joint should produce a small amount of resin when being smoked.

You cannot say that the quality of the bud is more important than the rolling paper and vice versa. You could have amazing bud, but if you roll it in dog poop quality rolling papers you will end up with a sub-quality tasting joint. On the other hand you could have the tastiest rolling papers in the world, but if you roll dog poop quality bud in them the end result will be quite disappointing. This is why the quality of the bud, rolling paper, crutch, and the gum are all equally important when creating a delicious joint masterpiece.

In Nectar Stick Premium Quality Pre-Rolls you will only get!

  • 100% Organic Premium Grade Bud (Cold Cured, Hand Trimmed, & Ground to Perfection)
  • 100% Organic Hemp Rolling Papers, with Organic Hemp Gum & Hemp Crutch featuring Bee logo.
  • Durable High Grade Re-Usable Joint box

By working with a reliable, long time, trusted name brand you are ensured premium quality, consistency, and a guarantee that if it didn’t satisfy your needs the next one is on us!


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